Guidance of Kusatsu Onsen Hotel and Ryokan

Kusatsu Accommodations

"Kusatsu Onsen" Hot Springs, located north of Tokyo, is an area that has a large range of accommodations, from Japanese style ryokans, to large resort hotels, to warm and cozy inns. Travelers visiting Kusatsu are sure to find a place that suits their style or mood.

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Caution: Announcement regarding restrictions on access to areas around the Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane crater
On June 3 2014 the volcanic activity level around the crater of Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane was raised from the normal level 1 to level 2. Consequently, access to within 1km of the crater has been restricted; along with this, access to some of the facilities in the area and a part of National highway 292 has also been restricted.

Access to Kusatsu-onsen street is unaffected.

National highway and facilities access restricted.
Closed for winter period (mid-November to late April)

Basics of Japanese inn


Whart is a Ryokan?

Ryokans provide a little insight into Japanese culture ordinary Western-style hotels cannot offer. There are many of these kinds of ryokans in Kusatsu.


Tips for using large baths

The baths found at many of the accommodations are shared with other guests. There are manners that should be followed when using these public baths.



Prices for Japanese hotels and ryokans usually include dinner and breakfast. Meals will vary depending on where you stay, but many offer buffets, Japanese cuisine, and/or Western-style dishes for dinner.


Tips for using Japanese-style rooms

Japanese-style rooms feature tatami mats. When entering a room with tatami mats, please remove your shoes. Some hotels and ryokans have staff that will lay out your futons at night while you are away from your room.